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About Our Classes

Group classes give a comprehensive education. Our classes offer so much more than teaching your dog basic obedience. We focus on practical, real life skills that foster a well-rounded dog.  We offer a variety of classes including puppy manners, basic manners, advanced manners, and specialty class. Bring the family to come learn together! There is something for everyone and every skill level. 

What's Included

All classes meet once a week for 5 weeks. Our trainers give real life, practical demonstrations and help guide you and your dog through the training process through practice and feedback.  All foundations classes also include weekly Q&A time and 2 months of free access to our HDT Membership, where you can learn from a variety of online classes.


GROUP CLASSES - 5 week session / $150

Classes meet once a week for an hour. The cost is $125 total for the entire course. 

PRIVATE LESSONS - starting at $80 / hr

Rates vary depending on location, length of session, & type of lesson.

What to Bring

1. TREATS - think high value like chicken, hotdogs, cheese


2. LEASH & COLLAR - regular leash & collar


                    no retractable (flexi) leashes

3. A HUNGRY DOG - do not feed before coming!

Foundations 1 Classes

Puppy Manners is the best way to lay a great foundation for your canine! This class is designed to socialize your puppy, build confidence, help you problem solve difficult behaviors, develop your canine's impulse control, teach your pup to focus around distractions, and work on practical skills such as coming consistently when called, loose leash walking, greeting people politely, and more. Click here for a detailed list of what is covered.

$150 / online orientation + 5 weeks in-person (+ 2 FREE months of HDT Online Membership, so you never have to miss out!)

Puppy Manners  

(for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months at start date)

Basic Manners helps shape your dog into a wonderful companion. This course is designed to develop your canine's impulse control, teach your dog to focus around distractions, help you problem solve difficult behaviors, work on building your canine's confidence, and teach real-life, practical skills such as coming consistently when called, loose leash walking, greeting people politely, and more.  Click here for a detailed list of what is covered.

$150 / online orientation + 5 weeks in-person (+ 2  FREE months of HDT Online Membership, so you never have to miss out!)

*Any canine that has completed Puppy Manners should register for Advanced Manners Class, not for Basic Manners.

Basic Manners 


(for dogs older than 6 months)

Foundations 2 Classes

Advanced Manners 

(for dogs who have completed Puppy or Basic Manners)

Advanced Manners Class is a continuation of Foundations 1 classes. This class focuses on finding more consistency in your dog's behaviors, incorporating distance and distractions into the foundational skills, and shaping a balanced dog that has good manners whether at home or in public. This class is also a great way to prep for the CGC test.  Click here for a detailed list of what is covered.

$150 / 5 weeks in-person (+online version of the class)

*Unless approved by an instructor, your canine must complete Puppy or Basic Manners prior to taking a Level 2 class. 

Specialty Classes & Private Lessons

Rally Obedience 

(for dogs who have completed a Foundations 2 class)

Rally Obedience is a great way to connect with your canine and have fun doing something you both enjoy! Rally focuses on heeling and working with your dog at your side, but it covers a variety of skills including sit stays, down stays, spins, advanced heeling, jumps, stand stays, coming when called, and more. Click here to see more details and watch a video about Rally.

$150 / 5 weeks in-person

*Unless approved by an instructor, your canine must complete Foundations 2 prior to taking Rally Obedience.

Tricks for Treats

(for dogs who have completed a Foundations 2 class)

Come join party, and earn a trick dog ribbon while doing so! Teach your dog a variety of tricks including jump, spin, get in a box, and more! This course will teach you everything you need to know to help your dog achieve the AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate titles, all while mixing in a few Advanced level tricks. The class fee includes testing your dog for one level (Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced) with our certified trainers.

$150 / 5 weeks in-person

*Unless approved by an instructor, your canine must complete Foundations 2 prior to taking Tricks for Treats.

Sport Sampler

(for dogs who have completed a Foundations 2 class)

Agility, nosework, competition obedience, rally, and more! This class is geared towards people wanting to try out a variety of dog sports. It's both fun and educational! This class covers the following topics: jumps, tunnels, multiple marker words, building a work ethic, hold, send away, body awareness, formal heeling, intro to rally courses, learning about nosework, search for treats, retrieve, positions, stand for exam, and more.

$150 / 5 weeks in-person

*Unless approved by an instructor, your canine must complete Foundations 2 prior to taking Sport Sampler.

Behavior Modification

We offer private lesson behavior modification packages for the following behaviors:

  • Reactivity / Aggression: dogs that bark, lunge, pull, bite, or fixate on other dogs, people, or moving objects

  • Resource Guarding: food, toy, object, or spatial aggression

  • Separation Anxiety: Panting, drooling, barking, pacing, destroying objects, and breaking out of crates 

The first week will be completed online to ensure you are able to get a head start at home with the dog in an area with minimal distractions. The following three lessons are in-person with an instructor in a one-on-one setting at the training facility. Each follow-up lesson is approximately 30 minutes in length. 

ONLINE CLASS ONLY: $25 / month for HDT Membership 


4 WEEK PACKAGE - 1st week online & 3 weeks in-person: $275 + HDT Online Membership

*We only offer packages at the training facility (no in-home lessons).

Private Lesson 

(for any dog or puppy - no prior experience necessary)

Private lessons are a great option if you are looking to work on a specific skill, your dog isn't a good fit for group classes, or you need help with advanced behavior modification. The lesson can cover topics of your choice, and it is a great way to get individual feedback, problem solve behaviors, and fine tune specific skills.  That's the advantage of private lessons- they are yours to use as you please! Click here to see a list of behaviors we can help with.

Prices vary. Please visit our private lesson page for more details. 

CGC & AKC Tricks Testing

Is your dog ready to take the Canine Good Citizen test or show off some fun tricks? Come earn a title and ribbon! We have evaluators on staff that offer CGC and AKC Trick testing (Novice, Intermediate, & Advanced). Testing availability is based on demand. Contact us to schedule.

$25 / test

  • How to register & purchase packages
    Registration is required to attend day training. Just hit the "sign-up" button above! This button will forward you to our Paw Partner software. If you are a new client, you will need to create an account first. Once you are logged in, you can make a reservation by clicking Reservation -> Daycare -> select from the drop down menu if you want Basic Day Training (1 training session) or Elite Day Training (3 training sessions). You can reserve as many days as you would like. Scroll down and hit the "save" button and continue through the prompts. Once you get to the package page, you will do one of two things: If you have enough package credits to cover your reservation, you can scroll to the bottom and hit continue and move forward through the prompts. If you do not have enough package credits to cover your reservation, you can purchase the needed credits by selecting the the button under "purchase" and clicking on the card you stored on file. Hit "continue" and be sure to finish moving forward through all the prompts. Want a discounted rate? If you come an average of 1-2 times per week, you can purchase package credits! You can do this in your Paw Partner account through the "Reservations" or the "Package Credits" box. Once purchased, make sure to book out the number of reservations for that package. The credits do expire and it is your responsibility to book them in the allotted timeframe. If you want a guaranteed spot it is best to book in advance, as we are often fill a few weeks out. With that being said, it is always worth adding your dog to the waitlist! Although we cannot make any guarantees, we typically can get in 1-3 dogs each day off the waitlist. You can waitlist for any day we are open by clicking the same "sign-up" button above and following the prompts.
  • Drop-off & pick-up
    Drop-off is from 7:00-9:00 a.m. and pick-up is from 3:00-5:30 p.m. Our facility closes at 5:30 p.m. ​ *Please note: there is a late fee of $20 per 15 minutes for any dogs not picked up within 30 minutes of closing. If we cannot get ahold of you, your dog will go home with a trainer and you will be responsible for our board & train rate for the evening. Many or our trainers have young children, other jobs, or dogs to get home to, so we thank you in advance for respecting our time. ​
  • Vaccinations
    Dogs MUST be current on the following: For Puppies 16 weeks and younger 2nd series of Distemper vaccination (DHPP) Bordetella vaccination Flea & tick preventative- even in the winter! For Dogs Over 16 Weeks Distemper vaccination Rabies vaccination (if 16 weeks or older) Bordetella vaccination Flea & tick preventative- even in the winter!
  • Spay & neuter requirements
    We do take intact males and females. Unless you have arranged otherwise with a trainer, we generally ask for females currently in heat to remain home and not attend daycare.
  • Training prerequisites
    Although dogs do not need to have any prior training to attend, we strongly encourage you to participate in a minimum of one private lesson, group class, or online class at some point throughout your dogs training. Day training does not include any training with the owners, so it is best to take a class or private lesson to help maintain your dog's obedience skills at home.
  • Evaluation
    We do not require evaluations to attend day training, but we do require owners to disclose any possible aggression or reactivity. Please contact us prior to registration if your dog has any history of the following: dog aggression, human aggression, severe resource guarding, or severe separation anxiety.
  • Training methods
    At Havana Dog Training, we realize every canine is an individual. With each individual dog comes unique personalities, goals, and needs. We use a variety of methods on a case by case basis to achieve these goals. We are a balanced training facility. We rely primarily on positive reinforcement and rewarding dogs for good behavior using marker words in combination with treats, toys, praise, play, and whatever else motivates the dog. This is especially true when laying foundations and training new skills. We don't believe it is fair to punish a dog that hasn't been taught the correct behavior clearly and consistently through positive reinforcement first. With this being said, we do not limit ourselves to only positive reinforcement. We believe that dogs can understand right versus wrong. For effective communication, we use a variety tools which can include food, toys, treats, leash pressure, non-marker words, prong collars, and electronic collars. We are committed to training in a way that is fair to the dog and promotes mutual respect between canine and owner.

Why choose in-person group classes?

  • dog needs to work on focusing in new locations

  • you'd like your dog to improve on a variety of skills & commands

  • your dog has "selective hearing" and you'd like to see consistency in behaviors

  • you'll meet other dog owners and find a supportive community

  • your dog will gain the valuable skill of focusing on you around other dogs/people

  • your dog will benefit from the socialization

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