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Employment Opportunities

Day Training Trainer

This position is responsible for tasks that include, but are not limited to:

-Train all assigned dogs

-Monitor and create a safe environment in which dogs are displaying good social skills during play group

-Fill out daily notes

-Upload required social media posts/help with other tasks around the facility

-Maintaining the cleanliness of the facility for smooth and safe operation

-Provide excellent client communication during pick-up and drop-off

This position has potential to be part-time or full time:

-21 to 34 hours per week

-Current hours available: Mon, Wed, and Thurs between 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (shifts range from 7-10 hrs - times vary).



-Dependable, a good work ethic, consistency in quality work, and a continual strive to be better

-Task prioritization and time management skills - must be able to get things done in a fast paced, timely manner

-Friendly, professional, personable, and the ability to adapt to change

-A passion for dogs, training, and continued education

-Ability to work as a team but also be self-motivated and able to work without supervision


Highly Preferred:

-Have taken several classes with Havana Dog Training and already have a basic understanding of how we train

-1+ year of experience working as a dog trainer, dog daycare attendant, groomer, vet tech, or related field


Why join Havana Dog Training:

-Join a wonderful and supportive team!

-Professional development and mentorship opportunities

-Competitive wages: wages between $16-$25/hr  (+commission) dependent on experience & role

-Work perks: free or discounted classes, free or discounted facility use with your own dogs, continuing education, and more!

Apply today :

Send your resume and answers to the following questions to

1. Years and descriptions of experience training and/or working with dogs.

2. Years and descriptions of experience teaching or working with humans in an education, training, or service industry.

3. Are you comfortable managing multiple dogs, intervening in fights, and training dogs that may be nervous or more prone to bite?

4. Are you comfortable with learning to use a variety of tools that assist in a dog's learning including food rewards, toy rewards, slip leads, prong collars, electronic collars, etc?

5. What makes you a good fit for Havana Dog Training?

6. Bonus! If you have dog training experience,  we'd love to see a short video demonstrating your training skills. This skill should be a new skill the learner is learning, not one that your dog has done a million times. Don't have a dog? Ask to borrow a friends, family members, etc. 

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